Payment terms

Payment is by card payment or Klarna Checkout.

Card payment is managed by DIBS and by our payment partner Klarna. This is because we want to guarantee fast and secure payment. At the checkout, you select card or Klarna as payment method, you are now linked to Dib's or Klarna's secure payment server.

We accept payments from the most common types of cards: VISA and Mastercard.

If you have been a customer with us before, payment will be made according to your usual routines.

DIBS protects your information

DIBS is a Swedish company that handles online verification of credit cards in a safe, fast and easy way. When you have filled in your card details, the account card number is encrypted immediately. Communication to the DIBS server is via an encrypted direct connection (https). When your information is then sent to the bank, the bank's security system is used.

When making the payment, there are thus two communication paths that need to be protected:

1. Communication between end consumer and DIBS

2. Communication between DIBS and the bank

For the communication between the end consumer and DIBS SSL encryption is used. DIBS uses the strongest encryption available on the market with 128-bit key. This means that you can be sure that you are connected to DIBS's server, and that no one other than DIBS can see your information.

IN communication with the banks DIBS uses the security systems used by them.