About us

Our love child KOLAI started with an idea to create a 100% vegan hair and skin care range with top quality ingredients. A range based on exclusive ingredients such as Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, minerals, proteins and vitamins - all sustainably packaged in fine bottles, partly made from recycled plastic.

"The wear and tear from styling that comes with the job sparked the idea to create a new, fresh and gentle product line based on mild and vegan ingredients"

Laila is best known for her participation as a jury member in the talent show Idol, but also a well-known radio and TV personality, an influencer and songwriter (for Celine Dion, among others).

KOLAI is made with pure love! For us, it is important that all our products are vegan and caring. A top quality hair care range with exclusive ingredients such as argan oil known as the "miracle oil" from Morocco, Aloe Vera, minerals, proteins and vitamins.